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Eyebolts and Eye Nuts
Machinery Eyebolts

Machinery eye bolts are fully threaded and may have a shoulder or "collar" (commonly known as Collared Eyebolts), making them suitable for use with angular loads up to 45
Eye bolts without a shoulder (commonly known as Dynamo Eyebolts) should not be used for angular loads (Vertical lift only)

Standard Collared Eyebolts may be used in pairs, usually combined with the use of a D-Shackle or Bow-Shackle
They can also be supplied with an oval or "Egg Link" pre-attached to allow a sling hook to be hooked in directly

Dynamo Eyebolts, and DIN580 Eyebolts have a larger eye, allowing for the direct attachment of a sling hook
However, Dynamo Eyebolts should only be used for vertical lifting
DIN580 maybe used in pairs upto 45° at a REDUCED WLL Loading

Available in Metric and Whitworth/UNC and various imperial threads

PASMA Certified
Mobile Scaffold Tower
Collared Eyebolts
Metric Thread
Dynamo Eyebolts
Metric Thread
DIN580 Eyebolts
Metric Thread
Long-Shank Collared Eyebolts
Metric Thread
Long-Shank Dynamo Eyebolts
Metric Thread
DIN582 Eyenuts
Metric Thread
Collared Eyebolts
Whitworth Thread
Dynamo Eyebolts
Whitworth Thread
Long-Shank Collared Eyebolts
Whitworth Thread
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