Verlinde EUROLIFT BH Belt Hoist

The EUROLIFT BH is currently the only electric belt hoist offering the following features in its standard units:
         *    Hoisting belt: High strength fibre belt with high safety factors
         *    Two mechanically variable hoisting speeds
         *    Belt Guide: Enhanced safety features against side pulling and twisting effects during lifting movement
         *    Hoisting and control features complying with IEC 34.1/IEC 34.2, IP55 protection  and class insulation standard
         *    Totally enclosed, high precision, silent and sealed reduction gear.
         *    Adjustable upper and lower limit switches
         *    Travelling limit switches
         *    Load limiter, safety feature protecting against excessive overloading of the pulley and runway
Passport to Safety
IPAF Certified
MEWP Operator Trained
LOLER (1998) Regulations
Passport to Safety
The TIRLIFT TL & TC electric winches offer as standard:
        *    A Drum designed for 5 to 7mm wire ropes, depending on loads
        *    IP55 type protection of the switchgear (Cabinet and Motor)
        *    A wide range of lift braking motors complying with class F insulation
        *    A frame of modular and open-ended design, allowing multiple rope exit directions from the drum
        *    Tri-phase or single phase options available

The T.E.C. Range offers:
        *    A 230/400 V 3-Phase 50Hz Motor
        *    A low voltage electromagnetic brake with automatic take-up wear
        *    An emergency stop pushbutton box on a 3 metres long spiral cable
        *    24V low voltage control
Wire Rope and Fibre Belt Hoists
The Verlinde TIRLIFT & TEC Range:
The Verlinde EUROBLOC VT Range:
The Verlinde EUROBLOC BH Range:
Verlinde Eurobloc VT Wire Rope Hoist

The Eurobloc VT electric wire rope hoist are available in various configurations

        *    FOOT MOUNTED: These hoists are not equiped with a trolley for use in applications where horizontal movement is not required
        *    DOUBLE GIRDER TROLLEY: These hoists are fitted with double trolley for horizontal movement of loads supported on two
                    adjacent beams
        *    MONORAIL TROLLEY STANDARD HEADROOM (HPN): Standard hoists fitted with a trolley for horizontal movement
        *    MONORAIL TROLLEY SHORT HEADROOM (HPR): These hoists are fitted with a trolley for horizontal movement, and are designed
                     to make optimal use of the height of lift (HOL) and the limited space available
PASMA Certified
Mobile Scaffold Tower
The Verlinde Tirlift, electric wire rope winch for loads from 125 to 990Kg
The Verlinde T.E.C. electric wire rope winch for loads from 600 to 7500Kg
These all-purpose electric winches are ideal for lifting and traction, and adapt perfectly to all your needs (wide load range, and numerous options and configurations available)
The Verlinde Eurobloc VT range of electric wire rope hoists for loads from 800 to 80,000Kg
The Eurobloc VT electric wire rope hoist, as of now, has the smallest available hook approach ("C" and "F" Dimension) currently available on the market, with only a slight lateral shift during hoisting motion (virtually vertical lifting)
The Verlinde EUROLIFT BH range of electric belt hoists has been designed for customised applications in a wide variety of sectors such as the food industry, chemicals, the precision industries and any environment where hygiene and safety are of utmost importance to quality production

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